Winter Self Care Routine

Winter is almost officially here, the dreaded season when we all dream of abandoning our cold cities and traveling to a warm weather destination. But these days we will more likely than not be wintering at home so, guaranteeing you’re prepared for harsh winter weather is a priority. There are steps we can take to prepare our cars for winter but are you keeping your body safe? Winter weather is tough on our skin. Humidity is low, meaning the air is dry, and temperatures are freezing. And if you don’t take the necessary steps to protect your skin from winter’s harsh conditions, you’ll have rough, irritated skin by the time warm, sunny days roll around. Follow these tips to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

A common misconception is that sunscreen should only be applied on summer days when you’re lounging at the beach or hanging out by the lake. But if you plan to participate in winter activities like skiing or snowboarding, sunscreen is a necessity. Sunlight is the greatest source of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, the main cause of skin cancer. If sunlight bounces off a surface, it can increase UV exposure. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, “snow reflects 80% of the sun’s UV light,” doubling harmful exposure and increasing the risk of damage to your skin. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher on exposed skin to protect yourself.

If your face is exposed when you venture out in cold weather, chances are your lips will suffer too. Harsh winds can dry out your lips and leave them cracked and peeling. Invest in a lip balm to keep your lips smooth and moisturized. Try wearing a lip balm with SPF to not only protect your lips from harsh weather but UV rays as well. Just make sure not to share your chapstick with others to prevent spreading germs and diseases.

Dress For The Weather

This might sound like common sense, but the best way to protect your skin during the winter months is to dress accordingly. As the temperature drops, your layers should increase. Environment Canada suggests wearing one to two layers and warm, waterproof shoes on a chilly day; two to three layers, a warm hat and waterproof boots on a cold day; and more than three layers, a warm hat, face covering and waterproof boots during extremely cold weather. Winter weather can change drastically over just a few hours too so always be prepared with some extra winter wear packed into a handy tote bag.

No Steaming Hot Showers

After spending time outdoors on a winter day, your first instinct might be to turn the shower heat up as far as it’ll go and bask until the hot water runs out. But your dream shower could damage your skin. According to the Mayo Clinic, one of the causes of dry skin is hot baths and showers. Set your water temp to warm, not hot. And avoid those arguments about running out of hot water or taking too long in the shower — it is recommended we keep shower time to 10 minutes or less. Another pro tip: once you’re out, pat your skin dry.

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