Winter Self Care Routine

It’s usual to become exhausted over winter; there’s something about shorter days that can leave us feeling fed up with daily routines across the board. Hectic schedules, tiredness and illness can cause people to skimp on their everyday skincare; but make sure you continue to cleanse, tone and moisturize every day – and never sleep in your makeup!

Use Creams, Oils And Body Butters

Seasonal cold weather naturally dries out the skin. But you can prevent your skin from becoming rough and scaly by investing in thick creams and high quality essential oils. They are a great defenders against the effects of winter weather because they trap existing moisture in the skin and are less irritating than lotions. For best results, apply a cream to your entire body immediately after showering. And if you’re naturally prone to dry skin, mix your cream with an oil for an extra layer of defense.

Use Hand Lotion and Wear Gloves

Visit our website or call the Spa for information on services provided by our team at TC Hair & MedSpa. Professional manicures are a great way to stay on top of your personal care and take a much needed break from the daily routine. And though it is a myth that cold weather gives you the flu, touching a contaminated surface could. And as we know washing our hands often should be a priority, so should applying hand cream. Just like you would with your body, use hand cream immediately after washing to lock in moisture.

In addition to applying hand cream, wearing gloves on chilly days will protect your hands from the negative effects of cold, winter air. Our hands are the first to indicate dry skin. Gloves prevent cracked skin and brittle nails.

Foot Care

And let’s not neglect our feet, often trapped in thick socks and even thicker boots all winter long. Just because your toes are hidden away from the world doesn’t mean they don’t deserve some tender love and care. Talk to one of our knowledgeable team members at TC Hair & MedSpa about your self care needs and book a pedicure, its also a great gift idea for Christmas! Dry conditions can lead to cracked, rough skin, and your feet can pay the price if neglected. If you want smooth feet all year long, regular professional pedicures combined with regularly applying a thick foot cream after showering and before bed will keep you feeling fantastic.

Make Time For A Nightly Routine

Burnout from work, ripping and running around with the kids and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are all stressors that can take a toll on your skin. Add in the drying effects of winter, and your skin might be at its worst when the temperature drops. If you’ve found a solution for those pesky dark circles under your eyes but your skin still appears tired and dull, make time for a relaxing nightly routine. After showering, apply creams, spending extra time on your face and other exposed areas.

In case you missed it, here is Winter Self Care Routine – Part One.

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