So you wash your face day and night, but you just aren’t seeing the results you so desperately desire? I hate to break it to you, but rinsing your face off and calling it good is not a proper skincare routine. It is a great start, but perhaps your skin just needs a little more love.

The first step in building a good skincare routine is determining your skin type. You can’t buy the correct products without actually knowing if you have dry or oily skin, right? The best way to determine the type of skin you have (it can be a lot more specific than dry vs. oily!) you should seek the help of one of our trained professionals here at TC Hair & MedSpa. We can help you address your specific skin concerns and lead you in a helpful direction to which products to use and if any specific medi spa treatments are needed.

Once you have talked to a member of our team about this, work out which products you need. Some basic essentials that most people would find beneficial are a good cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen. If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times! A good cleanser will do wonders! However, we cannot stop there. For truly radiant skin we need to invest in some more high-quality products. We will be able to detail specific products for you to use that are unique to your care routine, but some good add-ons would definitely be a toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

Toners can help remove any impurities after washing your face and it keeps it cleaner than a whistle. After using your toner, you should 100% moisturize. Even if you have dry skin (like me), I promise your skin will benefit greatly from it. Your skin has to be hydrated to look its best! Lastly, sunscreen is one of the best things you could ever do for your skin. Invest in a good quality, skincare specific sunscreen that will protect your face without causing build-up or any other yuck! Our skin is so delicate, and we need to treat it with care. Sunscreen will help prevent those wrinkles and sunspots so honestly if you haven’t been using it… I am sure that will help convince you.

Some of these add-on products can be combined into one product, but do not fall victim to such things. There are some fantastic options out there like this, but many are just another way to cut corners on your skincare routine. It can be truly detrimental to your skin when you don’t look for the best products specifically for your skin.

Remember, personalization is key to a good skincare routine! Your best friend and you may have similar types, but I am positive they have to do something a little different than you simply because we are all unique!

It should also be noted that your skincare routine shouldn’t be a huge hassle for you either. Though it includes a few more products than just a cleanser, it should be relatively simple. There is no reason to buy all these crazy products that guarantee perfect skin. The way to get perfect skin is to follow a consistent, personalized routine that works for you! We are here to help in any way you can. The first step is talking to one of our professionals tat TC Hair & MedSpa to see what skincare path you should take.

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