Although this may be a regular habit for you in the warmer months, it is especially important to ensure that your hair is fully dry before rushing out the door in the winter. Cold hair expands the hair shaft, making the hair more prone to breakage, as well as leading to fading colour faster. Give your hair that extra time in the winter to air dry before sauntering out for the day. Or better yet, modify your winter hair care routine to wash and care for your hair at night, so you can avoid blow drying your hair when you’re in a rush in the morning.

If you absolutely must leave the house with wet hair, be sure to protect your hair from the weather by tucking it underneath your scarf or hat. The less exposure to winter weather elements, the better.

This winter, commit to a regular Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Just like a regular face mask is essential for healthy, radiant skin, regular hair treatment masks can make a world of a difference when dealing with dry, damaged hair. Not only can they reverse the effects of dryness, but are an excellent preventative measure to ensure that your hair is protected and at an optimal level of health, year round. Hair masks are quick yet highly potent, effective ways to provide your hair with tons of health benefits in less than 20 minutes. Think of hair masks like high powered hair conditioners, giving your hair benefits like softening and hydrating, boosting growth, adding shine, and even fighting off scalp infections. While hair companies offer different types of hair masks for a variety of hair problems, you can also go straight to your kitchen cabinets and mix up a hair mask right at home.

Go for Darker Hair in Fall And Winter

Leave that platinum blonde shade where it belongs—in the summer—and embrace darker hues in the winter. Not only are darker hair colours trendier for the fall and winter, but this will also limit the number of times your hair needs to be bleached throughout the colder months—a process which is notorious for stripping the hair of its moisture. If your ultimate winter hair goal is to combat dryness and achieve shiny, healthy hair, those full head bleaches aren’t doing you any favours!

Opt For Silk

We all love to brace ourselves against the winter element with our beloved, warm wool hats and scarves. But did you know that they are actually known for causing breakage and static hair? Fitted hats can trap oils at the roots, leave the ends dry and prone to damage. Solution: wrap your hair in a silk scarf before putting on your favorite cozy hat. It will protect your hair from frizz and static, and reduce that dreaded hat hair. Since silk is naturally hypoallergenic, it is known to prevent thinning, knotted hair, and split ends by stimulates hydration. While cotton and wool may feel soft to the touch, its weave actually grips and tugs at individual strands, causing damage and breakage. That’s why we also recommend sleeping on a silk pillowcase at night.

Use Dry Shampoo For Limp Winter Hair

Speaking of hat hair, there’s nothing worse than styling a fresh ‘do in the morning, only to take your hat off to a crushed style and limp, sad winter hair. This is especially an issue for those with oilier hair. To revive your style, carry a small bottle of dry shampoo with you, apply a small amount at the roots, and gently “crunch” your hair. Dry shampoo opens up the hair shaft, keeping hair fuller, and bringing back life to your hairstyle.

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