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Morgan Hampton, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter , Merritt Herald on November 4, 2020

TC Hair Medspa is a full-service salon and spa which offers waxing, laser hair removal, body piercing, microblading, haircut and styling and more. Since opening in May of this year, TC’s 8-person team has been providing quality beauty services to the people of the Nicola Valley.

“From traditional barbering and hot shave all the way from there to pedicure, manicure, laser hair removal, almost everything,” said co-owner of the med spa, Daniel.

And according to Daniel, TC or ‘Tradition Continues’ has been a project and dream in the making for 25 years.

“We have been in the hair business since 1995, both me and my wife,” said Daniel.

“And since then we realized the industry was missing natural products.”

Many common hair care and beauty products unfortunately include an extensive ingredients list of harmful chemicals, some of which are even considered toxic. Daniel and his wife found that they wanted to move away from these products and methods, and they were supported in this by their clients, who also wanted alternative options.

“We gradually developed those natural products,” said Daniel.

“We started with the essential oils and we also developed some of the hair care products that are strictly natural, there are no chemicals used in them.”

For whatever TC doesn’t create themselves, they partner with companies that deliver products that fit their own dedication to a healthy lifestyle.

We also partner with companies like Aveda because they are all plant derived products and that’s what we’re all about, nature and developing things that are not chemical,” explained Daniel.

When asked how the people of Merritt have responded to this different approach to beauty, Daniel said, “They love it, once they experience what we have to offer they love it.”

Of course, haircare and beauty routines have been around for a long time. Generations of men and women have gone for trendy hairstyles, skin rejuvenating creams, makeup ranging from Kohl eyeliner to arsenic based complexion lighteners, and all manner of other paints and powders. So, to which ‘Tradition’ does TC refer to?

“Traditionally, essential oils have been used in skincare and hair care and even aromatherapy for thousands of years,” explained Daniel.

“And now we’ve developed nearly every one of our products based on that tradition.”

TC also works at being a responsible company in more than the products they use, donating a percentage of their profits to various charitable causes.

“We allocate about 5%-10% of most of the income that we have from selling our products and services into charities,” explained Daniel, proudly noting that TC currently sponsors no fewer than ten orphaned children overseas.

As their business grows, they hope to expand to further charities.

We are also hoping to expand in areas of water, for example,” said Daniel.

There are places in the world where people have to travel hours to get water, and as a result they get sick. These communities are suffering, so we’d like to take part in helping situations like these and maybe we could in a small way. Even the partner companies that we work with, like Aveda, Aveda is putting 5% of profit from certain products towards different research,” Daniel continued.

“Right now, they are focusing on breast cancer, so when you buy these products the money goes for breast cancer research and this and that. We like to take part in activities like that.”

The Tradition Continues brand is growing in other ways, as well, by creating their own products and essential oil blends.

It’s not only a hair salon and spa, we are developing a factory here in Merritt,” said Daniel.

“It’s small, but it’s being developed. Most of our hair care products are made here in BC, here in Merritt. We hand pick the essential oils from all over the world and then we package them here. For example, for geranium, we go to Egypt. For Roman Chamomile we go to Bulgaria, sage we import from Untied States. For each product that we have we select them from different countries, and we package them here, and we are also developing our own 100% natural hair care products here in Merritt.”

So, what is the difference between a hair salon or spa and TC Hair Medspa? Come in and try the services and products and find out for yourself, suggests Daniel.

“The best experience you can have in terms of hair salon and in terms of beauty care, that’s what we’re trying to achieve.”

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