Skin Care in Winter

Tis the season for dry skin, chapped lips and breakouts; winter is here and it’s about to cause chaos for complexions everywhere. And while we love cozy nights in and the festive spirit that this season brings; we just don’t like what it does to our skin. Who’s ever rejoiced in the fact they they’ve gone from sun-kissed to sallow in a matter of weeks? Luckily though, there are ways that you can banish dullness, dryness and breakouts over winter; all it takes is a little expert knowledge from our team at TC Hair & MedSpa and everyday TLC.

Why Does Skin Suffer in Winter?

Cold weather and low humidity levels conspire to leave skin feeling tight and dehydrated as the dry air saps moisture from it. If left untreated, this causes the skin to crack and bleed (ever had a case of ‘split knuckles’ come winter? That’s why). If you’re prone to eczema or any other dry skin conditions, it’ll tend to flare up around this time of year as a result. By the way, Avacado Oil is a great natural solution for dry skin care in winter.

The lifestyle changes that we all make to accommodate the cooler climate plays a part too. The central heating in our homes and offices can cause skin to dry out. You see, artificial heat dries the air out, so moisture evaporates from our skin inside as well as out. What’s more, hurrying from the cool outdoors into centrally-heated buildings and vice versa causes capillaries in the face to contract and expand quickly, which can lead to broken veins and redness.

That’s why it’s important to wrap up when you’re outdoors; you shouldn’t ramp up the temperature of your heating system as soon as you get inside – and you shouldn’t need to if you’re sufficiently snug before getting through the front door! Having said that, you need to remove hats and scarves as soon as you get inside. Layers covering your forehead and lower face can trap oil and encourage breakouts; wash your hats and scarves regularly to prevent oil and dirt from transferring onto your skin.

Get Scrubbing.

Though it may seem counterintuitive to scrub your skin when you’re trying to get it to stay put, exfoliating is an integral part ofwinter skincare. As we try to get as much moisture as possible into the skin, we need to clear a path for those products to penetrate. If there’s a bunch of dead skin cells hanging around, that path is blocked and our skin stays thirsty. Using oil and moisturizers regularly won’t do you any good if you’re not starting with a primed surface, so remember to exfoliate at least once a week.

Another Winter Skin Care Tip: Rethink Your Daily Cleanser

Your skin is already dealing with enough dehydrating factors — don’t willingly add another to the list with the wrong cleanser. If your standard face wash contains an acid (glycolic or salicylic) or is super foamy, consider a cleanser rotation. Use a hydrating, non-drying milky cleanser that contains hydrating ingredients in the morning and your standard one at night. Or go every other day. Find a pattern that works for you, or just listen to your skin and wash it with a product that makes sense given how it’s feeling at the time.

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